CWDI GAMES is run by a single computer science student

Programming tutorials by the developer of CWDI GAMES.

1 - Tear Down That Wall: A three part tutorial that shows how positioning in Unity works. How to create a wall with code. And finally how to create destructible buildings by impacting the wall with other objects using physics.

2 - A Right & Left Click UI Button in Unity: Shows how to setup a menu button in Unity which will execute different code depending on if the user clicks on it with the right or left mouse button.

3 - Creating a Material at Runtime and Applying it to a Unity Game Object: Shows how simple it is to create a material at run time and apply it to a game object.

4 - Enable mods , load user content into your game at runtime:  This tutorial shows you how to load images from the end user's hard drive and assign the images to buttons in a menu.

4X Space Time (4XST)

eXpanding the 4X genre.

4X space strategy game in development by CWDI GAMES.

4X Space Time is a different title than 4XST Shipyard. However,

they both take place in the same universe. 4XST Shipyard will be developed in to a space sim . 4X Space Time will be a

4x space strategy game.

CWDI GAMES first project was amariah, a graphic design app compiled in C++ which employs symmetrical drawing and other advanced features. amariah Design is the eStore which sells artwork created using amariah.


The next generation of amariah graphic design software. Daisy will be available for purchase as it approaches version 1.0. Daisy's current version is 0.6 and employs symmetrical drawing to create 2d and 3d images. Version 1.0 will allow users to create symmetrical 3d models, add textures, and export the textured 3d models to the hard drive. Daisy is meant to be a very easy to use graphic design app for creating 2d and 3d assets.

Daisy Sample Artwork