Custom Solutions

CWDI GAMES is operated by a single individual who loves to code.

CWDI GAMES creates tools for indie developers, games, and art. CWDI GAMES first project was amariah, a propriety graphic design app used to create most artwork on the eStore amariah Design . 

CWDI GAMES Mission Statement

  • Make games that are fun, have a high replay value, and aren't filled with bugs or political propaganda.
  • Always tell the truth about what is, what will be, and what will not be in a finished product.
  • Gaming companies should be held to the exact same product standards as any company that makes and sells a physical product which is meant to provide a specific service/result to the consumer.
  • Gambling, like loot boxes, should be regulated and not allowed in computer/video games which minors play.

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Project CWDI GAMES is currently focused on.

July 16, 2020 - Showing a new strategy game in development

Daisy demo available for Windows and Linux operating systems. Mac version coming soon...

A symmetrical drawing demo app created with Unity.

Created with Daisy July 4, 2020 using a custom brush
Created with Daisy July 4, 2020 using a custom brush