Will be a space sim when completed. Will acquaint players with the races and universe of 4XST. The game as a whole is in a early alpha state on STEAM. The hull designer is in a late beta state and the only content available in game, currently. After the newest update on 9/14/2019 players may now easily add their own ship parts to use in hull construction. A modding guide comes with the game download. This YouTube video shows how to mod 4XST Shipyard, https://youtu.be/CS9y9c5XJzE

The Story

The events of 4X Space Time take place in a galaxy with the first generation of species to achieve space faring technology. Some of the major races are mentioned below.

K'Linq -A feline race. Very fast and agile ships equipped with pulse weapons. Their ships are less defended but that only matters IF an opponent's weapon hits them.

Trancahta - Sentient tortoises. Heavily armed and armored star ships. Their armor is formidable. Yes, it is worth saying twice. They've already had dangerous and brief conflicts with the Shadow.

Shadow - Unknown species. No other species has ever seen them, none that have talked. Their ships are small and fast. The K'Linq are faster. What makes the Shadow so dangerous is they travel in packs and have developed cloaking technology. Shadow packs have a history of uncloaking at point black range and employing mass driver weapons with devastating effect.