Black lives matter is a terrorist organization with the goal to destroy Democracy

August 22, 2020.

Black lives matter descended on Minneapolis, and other American cities, with the intent to spread fear and intimidation by destroying private property of citizens and businesses. People have died in fires set by black lives matter. US citizens have been murdered by their lawless mobs. Ironically the neighborhood in Minneapolis, and other neighborhoods black lives matter and antifa targeted for destruction, were in fact predominantly African American. Black lives matter has been seen on public media cooperating with antifa, a fascist organization that claims they are against fascism. Yet antifa embraces the terror tactics of Adolf Hitler's Gestapo against US citizens in broad daylight.

Rioting is illegal. Murder and assault is illegal. Looting is illegal. Arson is illegal. Destruction of any property is illegal. The world has seen through the news black lives matter is guilty of conducting these criminal activities in a premeditated fashion.

If black lives matter was actually serious about protesting racism their leaders would follow the peaceful example of Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr was part of a team that organized a massive peaceful demonstration which helped to bring about real change.

These so called "peaceful protests" by the vile black lives matter terrorist organization are riots of destruction led by people who share the same values as Adolf Hitler; the complete destruction of the United States Constitution, the United States of America, and a complete disregard for human rights.

Any company/corporation/board of directors/individual who donates to black lives matter should be audited by the IRS for providing funds to a terrorist organization, defunded, arrested, tried, and convicted of treason and terrorism. It should surprise no one if it is ever learned Russia is funding black lives matter and antifa. There are reports members of the black lives matter terrorist organization are being paid 15-20 US dollars an hour to disturb the peace and destroy private, public, and federal property.

It is no surprise, as the so called Democratic political party supports the destruction and lawlessness caused by terrorists, the New York City Police Department has endorsed President Donald Trump for the 2020 election.

Black lives matter owes billions of US dollars in reparations for the people they've killed, destruction of businesses, destruction of homes, and destruction of federal property.

It is not racist to support law, order, and peace.

Added August 31,2020

Russia's plan on how to spread communism to the United States of America,