I've successfully created a 3D modeler, Blueprints, players will use in game to create their own ship models. I've added some very basic shapes to test the export feature with. The images below are of textured 3D models created in 4X Space Time and exported to my hard drive. Now I'm going to get busy adding bells and whistles to Blueprints....

Took a break on the weekend. I've been working to make Blueprints easy and intuitive to use. I've almost finished with the code for Blueprints and after that will focus on making the 3D pieces players will use to create ships.

Coding and QA


I've been coding, testing, and fixing any logical errors for the past several days and cleaning up what I've already created for 4X Space Time. I've been making sure all the separate components play nice together and there are no crashes going back and forth between the Galaxy View, System View, and Blueprints.

Blueprints will be the area in game where players will use their creative talents to design, among other things, star ships! Still much to do for Blueprints. Today the foundation was laid. It will have a mirroring system and also allow players to load in their own 3d ship pieces to use. Players will be able to use their own...

Previous images of star systems were standalone generations. Now when a star system is viewed from the galaxy map the System View creates a graphical representation of the system based on the data for that star system in the galaxy.

In this generated galaxy, according to the data, there are about 295 star systems with exactly 726 planets. 147 of those planets are habitable. All that data takes up about 80 MB of RAM.

Code Cleanup


Did more work on the galaxy creation code. Still need to fine tune it. It's no longer procedural based but it looks better. Star distances at the outer edge of the galaxy would be many light years apart from their neighbors. While the stars closer to the center would be a few light years apart. That has been partially fixed....



I redid the code for the galaxy generation today. It looks better. Still have work to do.

Procedural star placement will be in 4XST. I say procedural star placement instead of galaxies because each galaxy using the same seed will be different even though the formation is roughly the same. On two different games using the same galaxy seed in the same spot you may have a red star the first play through and a yellow...