CWDI GAMES is currently working on several projects. This page lists the completed projects.


CWDI GAMES first project. A graphic design app compiled in C++. Programmed symmetrical/mirror drawing along with trigonometry functions to aid artists in creating artwork for CWDI GAMES projects. Also used to create most artwork sold on products at amariah Design.

amariah Design

A new clothing/art brand started by CWDI GAMES to help fund other projects. Shows the practical uses of the amariah graphic design app.

SSBP (Solar System Blueprint)

Solar System Blueprint is another tool created by CWDI GAMES. This modular code can be combined with any game/project to construct and simulate solar systems. SSBP is being used in 4XST Shipyard, a space sim in development by CWDI GAMES.

Easy Mod

A game creation asset submitted to the Unity Asset Store 5/22/2020. Easy Mod makes it easy for players to mod your game.