Code For Solar System Generation Almost Finished


There are several different types of planets now. A planet will have terrain specific to its type while each planet of a certain type will have noticeably different terrain. I've also programmed into the game the ability for players to take screenshots. The previous blog images were from copying the screen and pasting it in Microsoft paint. These screenshots are images saved directly by 4X Space Time to disk :) There are gas giants and asteroids now; however, you'll notice there are no gas giants in these images. I ran the solar system generation code several times and took a screenshot of the graphical representation of the data for each result. Gas giants have been generated before but it seems they were purposely absent for the photo shoot. Hmm...

I may also need to adjust the sizes of some stars. And I'll need to make a decision if I want to be picky about what type of planets are generated based on the planet's proximity to its star and some other factors.