Let There Be Light


Procedural star placement will be in 4XST. I say procedural star placement instead of galaxies because each galaxy using the same seed will be different even though the formation is roughly the same. On two different games using the same galaxy seed in the same spot you may have a red star the first play through and a yellow star the next. And even if it is a red star again the second time it will have different planets.

Each step of the galaxy being created will be separate and have its own set of rules. The galaxy is generated with it's rules; then each star system is generated with a star system's own rules; then each planet with a planet's own set of rules. The planets will be constant to their seed. Meaning if there are two different planets but they are each the same type of planet and have the same seed they will look exactly the same down to the dip in the ground or a bulge in a mountain at the exact same spot.

I've also setup the galaxy map so as you zoom out the stars don't turn into tiny dots. I've included two screenshots of the galaxy map from 4X Space Time. The first is fully zoomed out with the second zoomed in.

I still have work to do for the galaxy creation.