Today My Special Friend Passed Away


In the morning I found a dear friend, Alouicious, had passed away prematurely. We've had him for years. Alouicious, a feisty kitty clawed my eye lid when we first met. I put my face in front of his and blinked my eyes. His life started with my family when my sister responded to an ad for a kitty. We went to a farm in the country and out of all the kitties she picked him. When Marie, another cat, and Alouicious first met she boxed him with several right and left jabs. Alouicious just slid off the pillow and played with something else.  Rambunctious, with uncontrollable exuberance, and cuddly Alouicious stayed the same into adult hood. My sister taught Alouicious to open doors, to jump up to the handle and pull them down. Always a friend Alouicious had time to cuddle; and bite our toes. Alouicious would help Marie as she became older to keep warm on cool nights. She meowed and he would almost sit on top of her to keep her warm. Many a night they would cuddle together. Alouicious stopped everything while I rubbed my finger from the bridge of his nose up to his eyebrows. Alouicious the gentle giant with the heart of a kitty is very special and will be sorely missed. Loved by all who knew him.